Dairy Operations

Dairy Operations

We take pride in our dairy farms and employ a great team of contract milkers who together with their teams run each dairy farm to a high standard.  Every farm has a tailored farm environment plan and consents which are actively managed to ensure we are operating at or above good farm management standards at all times.

We are strong supporters of our NZ Farmer owned co-op, Fonterra with all farms supplying Fonterra.

Barnscroft Dairy

Barnscroft Dairy is located in Carew area in Mid Canterbury. This farm is the most recent addition to the group having been purchased in 2018. The farm milks 900 cows and draws water from both wells and the MHV Water irrigation scheme.

Cloverdene Dairy

Cloverdene Dairy is located south west of Hinds just north of the Rangitata River in Mid Canterbury. This farm is one of the original dairy farms in the area and has been owned by Leighton and Michelle Pye since 2006. The original shed has now been replaced with a 54 bail rotary and in 2007 a new 54 bail rotary was also added and extensive development work has been undertaken. This farm now milks 1850 cows and has a variety of spray irrigation systems drawing water from deep wells and two on farm ponds with water sourced from the MHV Water irrigation scheme.

Dialan Dairy

Dialan Diary is located on Rangitata Island Road just south of the Rangitata River in South Canterbury. This farm was the first farm to be converted by the Pye Family and now is farmed as two separate farms with 40 aside Herringbone sheds milking approximately 700 cows each. Both farms are irrigated by centre pivot irrigators with water drawn from deep wells.

Grantlea Dairy

Grantlea is a 780 hectare property located on the tourist route (SH79) from Rangitata to Geraldine. Since this farm was purchased it has been developed into three dairy farms each milking 900 cows. The first farm began milking in August 2009, the second in August 2012 and the third in August 2013. All farms have centre pivot irrigation with three on farm ponds for water storage.

South Stream Dairy

South Stream Dairy is also located on Rangitata Island Road just south of the Rangitata River in South Canterbury. This farm has a 60 bail rotary shed milking 1050 cows. This farm is irrigated by a centre pivot irrigator complete with a fertigation unit for applying urea.

Straven Dairy Ltd

Bordering the south side of the Rangitata River this farm started milking in August 2014. This property accesses water from the Rangitata South Irrigation Scheme and irrigates through five centre pivots.