About Us

About us

Pye Group is owned by Leighton and Michelle whose children are now young adults exploring the world.   Leighton and Michelle enjoy the hands on running of their farming enterprise.

Leighton spends his time overseeing the entire operation while Michelle enjoys a mix of working within the business and holding various industry and community roles.
They have surrounded themselves with a fantastic team who help them ensure the success of their business.

Leighton and Michelle Pye


Growing people and communities from the ground up


Through our love of the land and the strength of our people, grow an exceptional business that champions agriculture in NZ

Having a Positive Attitude

  • being proud of everything we do
  • looking for solutions
  • going the extra mile
  • keeping it real

Working as a Team

  • mucking in together ahead of personal gain
  • enjoying what we do and celebrating success
  • valuing people and making genuine connections
  • supporting each other so they can be the best version of themselves

Doing the Right Thing

  • respecting others and our resources
  • ensuring the safety of ourselves and others
  • being responsible for our actions
  • always acting with honesty and integrity

Working Smarter

  • valuing relationships and networks
  • always looking for improvements and efficiencies
  • striving to be the best
  • ensuring we have a work/life balance