Contract baling is the back bone of our company with over 25 years’ experience. We offer a full baling service from start to finish whether its silage, straw or hay. Operating a modern fleet of machinery and using high quality packaging products to ensure a superior outcome. Our experienced team ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our baling team operate the following modern equipment:
  • John Deere and Fendt tractors
  • Big square balers
  • Round balers with option of individual wrapping
  • Four and two rotor rakes
  • Tube wrappers
  • Telehandler
  • Triple mower
  • Bale mover
  • Trucks and trailers

Contact Ken for all your baling enquiries - Ph: 027 268 4299

Forage Harvesting

We operate a full silage making service from the initial mowing, raking, chopping, carting and rolling to the covering of the stack. We have the latest high tech Claas forage harvester with many beneficial features such as its built in moisture meter. A Certified mobile weigh bridge gives us the ability to weigh every truck as it leaves the paddock or arrives at the stack.

Our chopping team operate the following modern equipment:
  • Four rotor rakes
  • Triple mowers
  • Direct cut and maize fronts
  • Two Claas Jaguar forage harvesters
  • JCB 435s stack loader
  • Certified mobile weigh bridge
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Tractors and trailers for wet conditions or steep ground

Contact Ken for all your chopping enquiries - Ph: 027 268 4299


Operating a modern wide range of cultivation and drilling equipment for all your ground work needs. Using technology such as John Deere green star GPS for maximum efficiency and accuracy when drilling or cultivating. We have the flexibility of a direct drill or roller drill to suit small or large seeds.

Our Vaderstad Tempo planter with optional fertiliser application, preforms exceptionally well in all conditions, the crop gets the best start possible by having exact depth control and accurate distance between each seed in the row. Resulting in an even crop emergence of Fodder beet, Maize and other specialised seeds.

We are now operating:
  • Amazone Catros 8m disc cultivator
  • He-Va Ripper and disc combination
  • 8 furrow reversable ploughs
  • Two Vaderstad Tempo precision planters with fertiliser options
  • 6m Allen Drill with harrows and tyre roller
  • 6m Land leveller
  • 3m Striptill

Contact Jayden for all your cultivation enquiries - Ph: 027 686 1173

Fodder Beet Harvesting

Our large capacity self-propelled harvester is providing excellent results, it picks up six rows of fodder beet at either 45 or 50cm row spacings. It holds 15 ton in its hopper therefore we can keep the harvester moving while the trailer is tipping its previous load.

Transporting your fodder beet?

We have trucks and trailers for road cartage or tractor and trailers for on farm carts.

Contact Ken for all your beet harvesting enquiries - Ph: 027 268 4299

Effluent Spreading

Operating a high capacity Veenhuis effluent tanker and Storth pond stirrer with turbo pumping, specializing in emptying effluent ponds, wedges, sumps, saucers and tanks.

The tanker is equipped with a 24 metre dribble bar which drops slurry at the base of the plant, reducing grazing stand down period.

The Storth Mega Mix 9 metre pond stirrer has massive pumping capacity breaking up pond crust and speeding up tanker fill time.

High accuracy application with flow rate control and proof of placement mapping through Trac Map.

Maximise your nutrient rich effluent by targeting lower fertility or poor performing areas.

Contact Ken or Jayden for all your effluent tanking requirements - Ph : 027 268 4299 or 027 686 1173