We are buyers and sellers of a wide range of locally grown quality stock feeds. Our friendly and experienced sales team will deal directly with you to provide an outcome to suit your business needs. Contact our local feed sales team for an honest and hassle-free deal.

Ken Caird
Ph: 0272684299
Email: ken@pyegroup.co.nz

Selling Standing Feed

We offer sales direct off the paddock this is a good way to deal with surpluses and provide cash flow with guaranteed payment 20th of the month following pick up. Give us a call today if you have surplus feed to sell.


We have for sale a wide range of bales in round and square tube wrapped or individually wrapped rounds. Ranging from winter feed quality to milking quality including grass, lucerne and cereal crops. These can be delivered directly from the paddock during the season or as you need them during the year.


We have reliable sources of grass and crops suitable for chopping that can be purchased to deliver to your stack. Accurately weighed on one of our certified weigh bridges and independently feed tested to your requirements.

Fodder Beet

Harvested fodder beet has proven to be an excellent quality of feed and is providing great flexibility to our customers. It is also valuable tool when transitioning animals before and after grazing in-situ.


Straw is an important part of our business, we have long standing reliable sources of wheat ,barley and grass throughout South and Mid Canterbury. Ensuring we have high quality supplies throughout the year. The most cost effective way to purchase straw is direct off the paddock to your farm.

Feed Wheat and Barley

Central Feeds have become an important link between buyers and sellers of feed wheat and barley. Contracts in place for both parties ensures a clear and secure process for buyer and seller.